Prolonged Field Care (PFC) for medical personnel (5 weeks)

Purpose: Prolonged Field Care (PFC) is now recognized internationally in Special Operation Forces (SOF) medicine as an area of key emphasis on education and training. In 2013 U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) initiated the PFC group to further study ways to save lives on the battlefield. In order to decrease mortality and morbidity in combat due to delayed evacuation or increased time and distance to advanced medical care facilities the combat medic has to be able to provide life sustaining interventions for 24-72 hours until medevac is available.

10 Capabilities of Prolonged Field Care

  1. Monitor the patient to create a useful vital signs trend
  2. Resuscitate the patient beyond crystalloid/colloid infusion
  3. Ventilate/oxygenate the patient
  4. Gain definitive control of the patient’s airway with an inflated cuff in the trachea and be able to keep the patient comfortable
  5. Use long term sedation/pain control to accomplish the above tasks
  6. Use physical examination/diagnostic measures to gain awareness of potential problem
  7. Provide nursing/hygiene/comfort measures
  8. Perform advanced surgical interventions
  9. Perform telemedicine consult
  10. Prepare the patient for flight

Upon completion of this 5 week Red Stripe™ training course (TCCC+PFC) the Combat Medic can be able to immediately engage in active operations providing the critical thinking and skill set needed to perform life sustaining care.

Disclaimer: This is a Red Stripe™️ proprietary course that has been customized for the client and is based on the U.S. military fighting doctrine and tactics but is not to be confused with the actual courses offered by the U.S. Army, Navy and other service branches.