Advanced Combat Medic Certification for Medical Personnel (68W1*) (44 weeks)

Course Scope:
This course trains the combat medic in skills necessary to become an effective soldier and Advanced Combat Medical Care Provider. This course qualifies soldiers as highly-trained combat medics with the wide-ranging skills and abilities to provide initial and prolonged medical and trauma care and aptitude to increase team survivability. Also, this course is designed to equip the Advanced Combat Medic with the knowledge and skills required to manage combat casualties from initial point of injury through delayed evacuation situations. The student receives extensive training in Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, Physical Exams, Clinical Medicine, Combat Trauma Management and Prolonged Field Care (PFC). Additionally, the course teaches the Advanced Combat Medic skills which enable him to provide appropriate treatments for medical and trauma patients with minimal equipment and support in austere environments in accordance with tactical medical emergency protocols. They are also qualified in Basic Life Support, Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Providers and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Graduates from this course and train the trainer course can go on to be 68W instructors.

Course Prerequisites:
Open to all ranks (enlisted and officer) military service members who currently hold 68W Combat Medic Qualification and have at least three years assigned as a 68W Comat Medic. Must be able to read and write in native language. All personnel will be TCCC certified prior to attending this course. All personnel will have sustainment training for 68W1 every 2 years.

Disclaimer: This is a Red Stripe™️ proprietary course that has been customized for the client and is based on the U.S. military fighting doctrine and tactics but is not to be confused with the actual courses offered by the U.S. Army, Navy and other service branches.