Active Shooter: Hospitality Industry

Active Shooter

History has shown that the Hospitality industry has always been a prime target for terrorist attacks meant to be of spectacular nature. The global impact on attacks on hotels tends to be immediate due to the nature and diversity of the frequenting clientele. Specifically, these attacks are guaranteed to garner not only domestic attention but in addition, direct international involvement as many government’s citizens are typically represented amongst the guests.

The Hospitality industry’s vulnerability, especially in high threat prime target cities is a given and hence the designation “soft target”. There have been numerous attempts to address security by the industry however one element is still sorely lacking: the ability of first responders to reach the guests in a timely manner and save lives.

What has changed?

All major cities world-wide have had their spotlight moment and have been turned into mini-battlefields. The combat environments of yesterday are the attacked cities of today requiring the same approach in order for citizens to survive active shooter or IED (Improvised Explosive Device) incidents.

The nature of the threat has undergone a transformation in the past ten years. The quality and intensity of the attacks have become increasingly militarized in nature and the civilian first responder system has failed to adapt accordingly. This has left hotel owners dealing with situations in which they have to rely solely on their own internal response systems to address and are faced with types of injuries typically inherent to only combat zones. This is the nature of modern terrorism today and in the process has exposed inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the Hotel and Hospitality system.


What is the typical scenario?

Most active shooter scenarios or IED’s typically cause the majority of casualties in under 10 minutes. Aside from the victims that have suffered immediate fatal wounds within this period the majority of the injured have, what is termed in medical terminology: Platinum 10 minutes window to be saved. A victim can bleed to death in 3 minutesBarely enough time for the Emergency Response system to be activated. Once this initial 10 min time block expires victims move into a period referred to as the Golden Hour. This first hour is critical in that the victim’s chances of survival progressively diminish with every minute of the clock.


Disclaimer: This is a Red Stripe™️ proprietary course that has been customized for the client and is based on the U.S. military fighting doctrine and tactics but is not to be confused with the actual courses offered by the U.S. Army, Navy and other service branches.