About Us

Based in the U.S.A, Red Stripe™ is a Global Company and leading provider of mobile medical training and exceptional gear ideal for individuals and organizations that function in harsh and remote environments. Since its establishment, Red Stripe™ has been serving the needs of clients in diverse niches, fields and institutions – such as law enforcement, military, hospitals and clinics, first responders, businesses, oil refineries, drilling rigs and oil platforms, schools and the home. Red Stripe™, a Global Company, is a leader in Combat Medicine Training consisting of a team of former Special Forces operators and Combat Medics with combat and real-life civilian experience.

One Team – One Mission

We are a leader in Military Combat Medicine Training, with a dynamic team that’s working to bring you the best training and tools that will help you handle your challenges and achieve your objectives. We provide the support of a dedicated team of professionals, who give quality services to our clients, as and when required. Contact us today and let us help you choose the package that best suits your specific requirements and mission.

Our Mission

To provide customized solutions to our clients to help them navigate the complex and precise environments in any terrain or climate they work in.

Though we primarily serve military and law enforcement, we also cater to the needs of other industries across the globe that operate in high threat environments such as drilling rigs, oil platforms and oil refineries. With unparalleled customer service we develop what you want, where and when you want it. We can create training scenarios with the help of the most advanced and state-of-the-art simulators, along with combat tested methodology and propriety techniques that have been proven to save lives.